Storm Router

Get Your Business Online in an Emergency

Exclusively from FarVision


Emergency Mini Router with High-Speed 4G LTE Modem


Mobile Hotspots are great, but what do you do with all your other non WiFi equipment?  Our solution makes it easy!

Good for up to 15 people at once


Plugs into your existing network - simply replaces your Comcast or ATT modem


Secure WiFi


High-Speed GSM 4G LTE backhaul.


Perfect for Office and Mobile Storm Outage Emergencies

During Hurricane Andrew and Irma, Sprint and other CDMA carriers were DOWN.  T-Mobile GSM was UP


How Much Do I Need?

Programmed, tested and ready to plug into your network for high-speed internet access



  • Yellow Emergency Storm Router

  • 4G LTE USB modem with TMobile Data SIM

  • Extra Long Flat Ethernet Cable - goes where you need it

  • 4G Data Offer Coupon Card 

  • Unlimited FarVision Tech Support

FarVision programs and tests every Data SIM we send out.  Carriers may vary.  We include enough data to get a few users going for a few days which is usually 3 or 4 GB.  May include a 10-day plan.  Individual data needs vary.  Please review the data calculator.  Data SIMs can be reloaded at any time via the included SIM documentation. This is not an unlimited data device.

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