Deep Clean

We all know how frustrating it is to wait for a slow computer to open documents and digital images. Even worse, it’s heartbreaking when a computer crashes and your family loses valuable data that probably can’t be recovered.​


Does this sound like your computer? There is something you can do to improve its performance: Deep Clean by FarVision.  


With a few clicks of your mouse -- and a lot less effort than it takes to spring clean your house -- you can restore your computer to its former speedy glory.

Using the same technology as we use for our corporate clients:

  • Thoroughly cleans and optimizes your computer by removing all the junk files left behind by third party applications, browsers, system crashes, and much more!

  • Allows your PC to start/boot up quicker and smoother due to having fewer files to load.

  • Stops advertisers from tracking you and secures your privacy by getting rid of spyware-like files, such as tracking cookies.

  • Stabilize your PC by reducing the number of files it needs to deal with, thus reducing freezing and other related errors.

Disk Cleanup

Drive Optimizer

Registry Cleaner

Disk Drive Defrag

Computer Cleanup

Operating System Updates

Hard Drive Checkup

5 point inspection for upgrades


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