ChiroSecure by FarVision

As massive corporations continue to grow, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that a small, local business would have the same threats.  In my mind, if I’m going to rob a business wouldn’t I want to target the ones with all the money? I’m not saying small business owners aren’t successful but it’s usually at a different level than a major multi-million/billion-dollar enterprise.  I did some investigating and discovered that according to the 71% of all cyber-attacks are on small businesses.  Part of the reasoning is that a lot of small businesses are not equipped to deal with the fall out from an attack.  It takes financial resources for lawyers, enough capital to wait out the storm and the money to rebuild both online and/or the actual facility.

Especially as chiropractors, you need to be vigilant in protecting electronic health records.  There is more to it than that, you need to be able to protect our online assets as well as the brick and mortar.

ChiroSecure is a new data protection service from FarVision Cybersecurity, geared towards today's modern Chiropractic office.

What do you get?

  • All workstations updated with our latest antivirus.

  • Windows 10 Upgrades where available.

  • All third party updates such as Adobe Acrobat.

  • Online backups.

  • Server backups.

  • Secure WiFi.

  • Email Encryption.

  • Firewall Management.

  • HIPAA Compliance.

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